supras in vegas 2022

Supras in Vegas is an annual event that celebrates Toyota Supra enthusiasts and their cars. The event takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is hosted by the Southern Nevada Supra Association (SNSA).

The event is scheduled to take place on September 15-18, 2022, and will feature a variety of activities for Supra owners and enthusiasts. These activities include car shows, drag racing, autocross, dyno testing, and track days. Participants will have the opportunity to supras in vegas 2022 meet other Supra enthusiasts, show off their cars, and participate in friendly competitions.

Supras in Vegas attracts Supra owners and enthusiasts from all over the world, making it a truly international event. The event is open to all generations of Supra, from the classic MK2 to the latest A90.

In addition to the various activities, Supras in Vegas will also feature vendors selling Supra-related products and merchandise. Attendees can also expect to see some of the most highly modified and unique Supras on display.

The event will take place at various locations around Las Vegas, including the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and the SNSA’s own headquarters. Participants will need to register and pay a fee to participate in the various activities, and some activities may have additional fees.

If you’re a Supra enthusiast, Supras in Vegas is an event you won’t want to miss. Whether you’re a seasoned Supra owner or just getting into the scene, the event offers a chance to connect with other enthusiasts, show off your car, and have a great time in one of the most exciting cities in the world.