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The ultimate objective of software is to make life easier for the human race, but the main objective of advertising is to  grab a person’s attention and engage them in one of two ways: either offer them a product or service right away, or follow them about and target them until they decide, and as a result, make a purchase or conversion.

Artificial Intelligence has always been at the center of strategy and execution for customers of Bellevue, Washington-based data-first software development firm Seattle Software Developers

The company has recently created a ground-breaking new methodology for advertising firms and enterprises to track and target people and convert them into customers in collaboration with its sister company, Seattle Digital Marketing.

How? Shadow Ad

Utilizing SSD’s created AI, Ad Shadow is able to target the exact IP addresses of consumers by geo, culture, race, and age and grabbing the products and services they want,  thus creating a tool for ad firms maximizing their marketing efforts.

The software they created is groundbreaking because it identifies people who are already interested in what a business has to offer, and the AI hits them while they  are in the optimal purchasing window 8-11PM,  offering many new opportunities for ad strategies as approaches to effectively reaching the customer evolve so quickly.

What is Ad Shadow and how does it operate?

Seattle Digital Marketing, an arm of Seattle Software Developers uses Ad Shadow to target geolocations and collect the Internet Protocol addresses, or IP addresses, of everyone who visited a particular area. Every phone and computer has an IP address, which is used to identify the particular device and is picked up based on a 5 foot radius around the visitor’s location.

Regardless of whether they were just present at a certain place or an event, Ad Shadow nevertheless records the person’s IP address while maintaining their anonymity. To go even farther, the company may even collect the IP addresses of the person’s family members and target them with ads at the precise moment when they are using their mobile devices the most.

According to Phil Anderson, vice president of Seattle Software Developers, “Ad Shadow gives us a way to get personal with the audience by tracking people wherever they work, go to school, shop, or attend events and use all of those places to tap into what their interests are.””We can send them ads because we can see in real-time what goods and services they’re looking for.”

This is a game-changer for customers since they can now directly market to people who were interested in items in their sector or IP addresses that visited their rivals once the IP addresses have been obtained by the company. 

Max Jonathan, VP of Digital Marketing, continued, “This wasn’t always possible in the past. Usually, you had to wait until someone clicked on a site or looked at a competitor.”

Ad Shadow can act as a kind of interest tracking system because IP addresses are specific to the devices to which they belong.

According to Jonathan, “We don’t advertise to anyone who are over 65 or under the age of 18, We only utilize it for items and services that are offered and things that clients would be interested in, not for any form of prescription medication, narcotics, or pornographic content.”

The first and most important method Ad Shadow assists companies is by allowing them to deliver advertisements directly to individuals who are considering competing items. Although they can’t get the IP address owner’s identity, they can get their age and sex, and once Seattle Software Developers has that information, they target those users with software at the times of day when they are most likely to respond.

One of Ad Shadow’s best advantages, according to Jonathan, is that once you have an IP address, you can go home and have it get every IP address that has been in the house in the last 30 days so you can sell to them as well.

The agency started utilizing Ad shadow early in 2023 and has had great success, with up to 38% more online purchases.

During the epidemic, we began the software’s initial testing, according to Anderson. “And we ran tests using a local Thai restaurant by pulling all the IP addresses that had lunch there over the last 60 days, and then we sent a targeted ad from a competitor to all of those consumers about a 10% discount for takeout orders for a competitor Thai restaurant, and our client’s sales went up 38% percent only 24 hours.”

Jonathan and Anderson agreed that the ads must have a call to action and are most successful when there is an offer associated with them rather than being merely a general advertisement for a certain company.

No one else is carrying out this since no one else has discovered it, according to Anderson. We have the Mac sauce, but we’re still adjusting it everyday based on the market and the product to achieve the perfect balance. We’re getting close.

What this means for software in the future

According to Anderson, the current SEO climate is all about content, press and reviews, and targeted advertisements as digital marketing and the software landscape continue to change.

“SEO as we know it is dead and has been since 2012,” Jonathan declared. When we hit a sweet spot for a client, it’s game over. Today, it’s all about content, content, content, and targeted advertisements directed at the target customer. Of course, there are still some outdated techniques.

According to Anderson, there are two sides to the equation when it comes to growing sales and spreading awareness for a company: branding and software. If you don’t brand a company before you market it, you’re doing it wrong.

Anderson advises all kinds of clients who intend to open a new firm to brand it first through press releases and social media content. They should receive a satisfactory Google result after 90 days, but the process will never stop.

Once the branding is finished, which typically takes 90 days, Jonathan’s team bombards the customer with advertisements using Ad Shadow, which is so precisely targeted that it assures interaction, which is years beyond antiquated technology for the software business.

The agency and its clients can instantly examine consumer patterns and behavior by combining this branding system with Seattle Digital Marketing’s proprietary “Pro Metric software,” which divides consumer spending habits data by age, race, and geolocation. As a result, they can be more proactive with targeted advertisements.

The consumer clicks on the advertisement first, and after 5 seconds, they are on Google looking up the company or item to see what type of reviews they have, according to Anderson. “Ad Shadow offers on-demand services. It happens in real time, but first you have to look beautiful.

The organization is considering splitting the program into two categories: medical and everything else, in order to evolve the program and develop new iterations. For medical, branding and ad design for the dentist or plastic surgeon would be more important.

For Seattle Software Developers, the forefront has always been innovation.

Ad Shadow and Matric Pro are just two examples of the various ways Seattle Software Developers has established itself as a leader in the software and marketing industries. Data has always come first at the company, and the top engineers and web designers are constantly sought after.

Because of our foundation in coding and software, we are the best, Anderson claimed. “We exclusively hire Google and Microsoft employees, and our headquarters are in Silicon Forest. Internally, our ecosystem is entirely focused on technology, which is the future of software.

Leading the way in this and other effective brand-building strategies, Seattle Software Developers continues to innovate and offer top-notch customer service to its impressive roster of clients by developing a thorough audit system, allocating specialized teams, and incorporating business pillars into each tactic and strategy. The firm has reached new heights thanks to a devotion to its clients and a love for innovation.

Its marketing firm, Seattle Digital Marketing can innovate and stay ahead of the curve and its competitors because it prioritizes the digital footprint in its strategy and approach. Seattle Digital Marketing is creating software to utilize it for customized marketing, but many traditional software companies concentrate on antiquated strategies like billboards and TV commercials.

We concentrate on the digital space, said Jonathan. “In this manner, we may take a more specialized and honed approach. Compared to general strategies like television or billboards, it is far more strategic.


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