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Lights, Camera, Action! Discover The Best Movies And Theaters In Elizabeth City, NC

Lights, Camera, Action! Discover The Best Movies And Theaters In Elizabeth City, NC
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Movies are an integral part of our lives, providing us with entertainment, inspiration, and a chance to escape reality. Whether you’re a fan of action, romance, comedy, or drama, there’s always a movie out there that caters to your interests. If you’re in Elizabeth City, NC, and looking for a fun way to spend your time, watching a movie is a great option. In this article, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know about movies in Elizabeth City NC.

Theater Experience in Elizabeth City, NC

When it comes to watching movies in Elizabeth City, NC, you have a few options to choose from. Regal Cinemas is one of the most popular theaters in the area, located in the Tanglewood Pavilions shopping center. With its state-of-the-art sound and projection systems, comfortable seating, and a wide range of refreshments available, Regal Cinemas offers a top-notch movie-watching experience.

Another theater in the area is the Arts of the Albemarle, located in the heart of downtown Elizabeth City. This historic theater is known for its beautiful architecture, comfortable seating, and excellent acoustics. The Arts of the Albemarle frequently hosts special movie screenings and events, making it a great place for movie buffs to check out.

Movie Selection in Elizabeth City, NC

When it comes to movie selection, Elizabeth City, NC, has a great variety to offer. At Regal Cinemas, you can expect to find all the latest blockbuster hits, from action-packed superhero movies to romantic comedies. The Arts of the Albemarle, on the other hand, tends to showcase more independent films and classic movies.

If you’re a fan of foreign cinema, the Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) also hosts regular foreign film screenings. These events are open to the public and provide an excellent opportunity to experience movies from different cultures and perspectives.

Ticket Prices in Elizabeth City, NC

Movie ticket prices in Elizabeth City, NC, are generally affordable and reasonable. Regal Cinemas offers matinee tickets at discounted rates, making it an excellent option for budget-conscious movie-goers. The Arts of the Albemarle also keeps its ticket prices reasonable, making it an accessible option for movie enthusiasts of all ages.

If you’re a student, senior citizen, or a member of the military, you may be eligible for additional discounts on movie tickets. Be sure to ask at the box office if you qualify for any special rates.

Movie Theaters Near Elizabeth City, NC

If you’re willing to venture outside Elizabeth City, NC, there are several other movie theaters in the surrounding area that you can check out. The nearby cities of Chesapeake, VA, and Virginia Beach, VA, have multiple theaters that offer a wide range of movies and showtimes.

For those looking for a more unique movie experience, the Commodore Theatre in Portsmouth, VA, is an excellent choice. This historic theater has been restored to its original 1940s Art Deco design and features luxurious seating, a delicious menu, and a full bar.

Whether you’re a long-time resident or just passing through, Elizabeth City, NC, has plenty of options when it comes to watching movies. From Regal Cinemas to the Arts of the Albemarle, there’s something for everyone. So why not grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the show?

The Best Places to Watch Movies in Elizabeth City, NC

When it comes to enjoying movies in Elizabeth City, NC, there are several great options to choose from. Whether you prefer the big screen or the comfort of your own home, Elizabeth City has you covered.

1. RCE Theaters

RCE Theaters is a popular movie theater located in the heart of Elizabeth City. This theater is known for its comfortable seating, excellent sound quality, and high-quality projection equipment. The theater shows all the latest blockbuster movies, making it a great destination for movie lovers of all ages.

2. Ghost Harbor Brewing Company

For those who prefer a more unique movie experience, Ghost Harbor Brewing Company offers a fun and relaxed atmosphere for watching movies. This brewery hosts outdoor movie nights on their patio, complete with craft beer and food trucks. It’s a great way to enjoy a movie with friends or family while enjoying delicious local beer.

3. Your Own Home

If you prefer to enjoy movies from the comfort of your own home, there are several options available to you in Elizabeth City. Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu offer a vast selection of movies and TV shows that you can enjoy on your own time. Additionally, the Elizabeth City library offers a collection of DVDs that you can rent for free.

Top Movies to Watch in Elizabeth City, NC

There are plenty of great movies to choose from when you’re in Elizabeth City. Here are a few top picks:

1. Outer Banks

Outer Banks is a popular Netflix original series that was filmed in North Carolina, including scenes shot in nearby Wilmington. This coming-of-age story follows a group of teens who go on a treasure hunt after a hurricane uncovers a sunken ship. The series has become a hit among young adults and is a must-watch for anyone who loves adventure and drama.

2. The Peanut Butter Falcon

The Peanut Butter Falcon is a heartwarming film that tells the story of a young man with Down syndrome who runs away from a residential nursing home to pursue his dream of becoming a professional wrestler. Along the way, he befriends a small-time outlaw who becomes his coach and ally. This movie is a feel-good story that is sure to leave you with a smile on your face.

3. Parasite

Parasite is a critically acclaimed Korean film that won multiple Oscars, including Best Picture, in 2020. The film tells the story of a poor family who begins to infiltrate the lives of a wealthy family in Seoul. The film is a thriller that explores themes of class and societal inequality and is a must-watch for fans of foreign films.


Elizabeth City, NC offers plenty of great options for watching movies, whether you prefer a traditional movie theater experience, an outdoor movie night with friends, or streaming movies from the comfort of your own home. And with a great selection of top movies to choose from, you’re sure to find something that suits your tastes.