John Wick Prequel Series “The Continental” to Launch on Prime Video

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“John Wick” fans, rejoice! The excitement is building as the prequel series “The Continental” prepares to make its debut on Prime Video. This new addition to the John Wick universe promises to delve into the gritty world of assassins, offering viewers a deeper understanding of the franchise’s lore. In this article, we delve into the launch date of “The Continental,” its premise, and what fans can anticipate from this action-packed series.

Exploring the World of Assassins: The Premise

“The Continental” takes audiences back to the intriguing world of assassins, giving them a front-row seat to the origins of the notorious Continental Hotel—a hub for contract killers. The series promises to unravel the secrets and stories behind the shadowy organization that plays a pivotal role in the “John Wick” films.

Launch Date: Mark Your Calendars for September 22

Fans won’t have to wait much longer to experience the excitement of “The Continental.” The series is set to launch on September 22, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a world of high-stakes action, suspense, and drama.

Expectations for the Series

“John Wick” enthusiasts can expect “The Continental” to deliver the same pulse-pounding action and intense storytelling that the franchise is known for. The series is poised to explore the complex relationships, loyalties, and rivalries that define the assassin world, providing fans with a fresh perspective on the beloved characters and universe.

Expanding the “John Wick” Universe

“The Continental” is more than just a series; it’s a strategic expansion of the “John Wick” universe. By delving into the origins of the Continental Hotel and the intricate web of characters and organizations, the series enriches the overall narrative, offering fans a deeper and more immersive experience.

FAQs About “The Continental” Prequel Series

What is “The Continental”?

“The Continental” is a prequel series set in the “John Wick” universe, exploring the origins of the Continental Hotel—a haven for assassins.

When will “The Continental” premiere?

“The Continental” is set to premiere on Prime Video on September 22.

What can viewers expect from the series?

Viewers can expect high-stakes action, intense storytelling, and a deeper exploration of the assassin world’s complexities.

How does “The Continental” expand the “John Wick” universe?

The series enriches the “John Wick” universe by providing insights into the origins of the Continental Hotel and the intricate relationships within the assassin world.

Is “The Continental” suitable for fans of the “John Wick” films?

Yes, “The Continental” is tailor-made for fans of the “John Wick” films, offering them a deeper understanding of the franchise’s lore.

Can viewers new to the “John Wick” universe enjoy “The Continental”?

While “The Continental” is designed to provide insights for fans, newcomers can also enjoy the series for its action-packed storytelling.


“John Wick” enthusiasts and newcomers alike have reason to be excited about the upcoming prequel series “The Continental.” With its exploration of the assassin world’s origins, intense action sequences, and immersive storytelling, the series promises to captivate audiences and expand the beloved “John Wick” universe. As the launch date draws near, fans can prepare to embark on a thrilling journey into the shadowy world of assassins.


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