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Your Guide to the Best Movie Theaters in Ames, Iowa

Are you a movie lover in Ames, Iowa, looking for a great cinema experience? Look no further than the many movie theaters in the area! From classic theaters to modern multiplexes, there is something for every moviegoer in Ames. In this guide, we’ll explore the top movie theaters in Ames and what makes them special.

Cinemark Movies 12

Located at 1317 Buckeye Ave, Cinemark Movies 12 is a popular destination for movie lovers in Ames. With 12 screens, this modern multiplex offers a wide range of movies for audiences of all ages. The theater features comfortable stadium seating, digital projection, and sound, and plenty of parking.

One of the standout features of Cinemark Movies 12 is its selection of classic films. The theater regularly screens classic movies, giving audiences the chance to see their favorite films on the big screen. In addition to new releases and classic movies, Cinemark Movies 12 also hosts special events and screenings, including live broadcasts of concerts and theater performances.

North Grand Cinema

If you’re looking for a more classic movie theater experience, look no further than North Grand Cinema. Located at 2801 Grand Ave, North Grand Cinema has been a fixture in the Ames community for over 40 years. The theater features three screens, showing a mix of new releases and classic films.

What sets North Grand Cinema apart is its commitment to affordable prices. Movie tickets are just $5, making it a great option for families or those on a budget. The theater also offers special deals, such as free popcorn with the purchase of a ticket, and a loyalty program for frequent moviegoers.

Movies 12 Ames

Movies 12 Ames, located at 1317 Buckeye Ave, is another great option for movie lovers in Ames. With 12 screens, this modern theater offers a wide selection of new releases and classic films. The theater features stadium seating, digital projection and sound, and a variety of concessions.

One of the standout features of Movies 12 Ames is its commitment to accessibility. The theater offers closed captioning and audio description for select showtimes, making it more accessible for people with hearing or vision impairments. Movies 12 Ames also offers discount tickets for seniors and children, as well as a rewards program for frequent moviegoers.

The Varsity Theater

If you’re looking for a more unique moviegoing experience, check out The Varsity Theater. Located at 1206 25th St, The Varsity Theater is a historic theater that has been renovated into a modern movie house. The theater features two screens, showing a mix of new releases and classic films.

What sets The Varsity Theater apart is its unique atmosphere. The theater is decorated with vintage movie posters and memorabilia, giving it a retro feel. In addition to movies, The Varsity Theater also hosts live events, including concerts and comedy shows.

Whether you’re looking for a modern multiplex or a classic movie theater experience, Ames, Iowa has something for everyone. From Cinemark Movies 12 to North Grand Cinema to The Varsity Theater, each cinema offers its own unique features and charm. So grab some popcorn and enjoy a movie at one of these great theaters in Ames!

Location and History

The Ames Iowa Movie Theater is a popular movie theater located in the heart of Ames, Iowa. The theater is located on the corner of Main Street and Lincoln Way, making it easily accessible for anyone in the area. The theater was originally built in the early 1900s and has since been renovated to include modern amenities, while still maintaining its original charm.

Movie Selection

The Ames Iowa Movie Theater offers a wide selection of movies for movie-goers to choose from. From blockbuster hits to independent films, there is something for everyone at this theater. The theater typically shows the latest Hollywood releases, as well as independent films and documentaries. They also host special events and film festivals throughout the year.

Seating and Amenities

The Ames Iowa Movie Theater features comfortable seating, with both traditional theater seating and stadium seating available. They also offer amenities such as a concession stand that serves a variety of snacks and drinks, as well as a bar that serves beer and wine. The theater is wheelchair accessible and offers assistive listening devices for those who need them.

Ticket Prices and Membership

The Ames Iowa Movie Theater offers competitive ticket prices, making it an affordable option for movie-goers. They also offer a membership program that includes perks such as discounted tickets, free popcorn, and early access to movie screenings. Memberships can be purchased online or at the theater.

Events and Special Screenings

The Ames Iowa Movie Theater hosts special events and screenings throughout the year, including film festivals and community events. They also offer private screenings for events such as birthdays, corporate events, and school field trips. The theater is a popular destination for movie enthusiasts and locals alike.


The Ames Iowa Movie Theater is a popular destination for movie-goers in the area, offering a wide selection of movies, comfortable seating, and a variety of amenities. With its rich history and commitment to providing quality entertainment, the Ames Iowa Movie Theater is a must-visit for anyone in the area looking for a great movie-going experience.


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