All you need to know about ITV2 Movies List

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ITV2 is a popular UK TV channel known for its diverse range of programming, including movies. If you’re a movie buff looking for some entertainment on ITV2, you’ll want to know what’s on the channel’s movie listings today.

ITV2’s movies today offerings cover a range of genres and styles, from classic Hollywood blockbusters to indie flicks and foreign language films. The channel also regularly airs made-for-TV movies and original productions.

To find out what’s on ITV2 movies today, you can check your local TV listings or use the ITV2 website or app. These sources will provide you with up-to-date information on the movies airing on ITV2 throughout the day, including their start times and any additional information such as cast, crew, and synopsis.

ITV2’s movie listings today may include recent releases such as action-comedy “The Spy Who Dumped Me,” horror-thriller “The Purge,” and superhero blockbuster “Spider-Man: Homecoming.” The channel also features classic films like “Dirty Dancing” and “Ghostbusters.”

In addition to its regular movie listings

ITV2 sometimes hosts special movie events and themed movie marathons. For example, the channel has aired Harry Potter movie marathons and Christmas-themed movie events in the past.

If you’re a fan of movies

ITV2 is definitely worth checking out. With its diverse range of programming and regular movie events, there’s always something new and exciting to watch.ITV2 is a popular TV channel in the United Kingdom that features a variety of programs, including movies, reality shows, and dramas. ITV2 Movies Today is a programming slot dedicated to showing a range of movies throughout the day, catering to different age groups and tastes.

ITV2 Movies Today usually starts in the morning and continues throughout the day and into the evening. The channel often showcases popular and classic films, including action, comedy, horror, romance, and drama genres. Some of the movies that have been aired on ITV2 include “Die Hard,” “The Hunger Games,” “The Notebook,” “Harry Potter,” and “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

Apart from airing popular movies, ITV2 also has exclusive movie premieres and special events. The channel also features movie reviews and celebrity interviews, providing viewers with an insight into the film industry. In addition, ITV2 has a catch-up service that allows viewers to watch any movies they may have missed.


ITV2 Movies Today is an ideal platform for movie enthusiasts who enjoy watching a variety of films. The channel caters to different age groups and interests, making it an excellent source of entertainment for the entire family. With its diverse programming and exclusive events, ITV2 Movies Today is a must-watch for anyone interested in the world of cinema.


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